Acrylic  Tubes, Rods, Bars and Sheets - Extruded and Cast

  • Clear

  • Light Weight

  • Easily Fabricated

  • Easily heat formed

  • Cast or Extruded

  • Acrylite Sheets AR1, AR2, Dp32, FF, FL, MC, Op2 and P95

  • AC300  ESD Static Dissipative

  • Optix Sheets

  • Plexiglas Sheets

  • Mil P5425 Sheets

  • Round Rods

  • Half Rods

  • Round Tubes

  • Square Tubes

  • Square and Rectangular Bars

Hundreds of Sizes, thickness, widths, lengths, diameters.


Extruded offers good clarity at an economical price and Cast offers consistent and superior clarity for more high tech applications. Great for windows and glazing, signs, displays. 

K-mac Plastics is distributor of Acrylic Rods, Tubes and Plastic Sheets



acrylic tubes                           acrylic sheets

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